Consultancy for Support to Nauru NSDS Formulation


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Дата публикации: 11-07-2017
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Consultancy for Support to Nauru NSDS Formulation
Procurement Process : RFP - Request for proposal
Office : UNDP - FIJI
Deadline : 21-Jul-17
Posted on : 10-Jul-17
Development Area : CONSULTANTS
Reference Number : 39087
Link to Atlas Project :
00093671 - SDG Localization
Documents :
P11 Form
Confirmation of Interest & Financial Proposal Form
Terms of Reference
Overview :



The Government of Nauru is committed to integrating the SDG agenda into national planning processes to support its medium and long term development aspirations. The current National Sustainable Development Strategy (NSDS) 2005-2025 was last updated in 2009 and is now substantially out-of-date. A review of the current NSDS in 2016 by the Ministry of Finance and supported by ADB found that only 15% of the NSDS activities had been implemented, with 85% of the activities yet to be implemented. Also as part of the review, with technical support from ADB, an analysis of the major social, economic, demographic, environmental issues was undertaken to guide the identification of priorities in the formulation of the new NSDS

Based on the review of the current NSDS and overview of major development issues a cabinet decision to do a full revision of the NSDS was made. As a result of the decision to do a full revision of the NSDS, the Government of Nauru has requested support from UNDP to use the 2030 Global Agenda and corresponding SDG framework to strengthen the formulation of the new NSDS and M&E framework. This would entail identifying relevant SDG targets and indicators and possibly tailoring the targets and indicators to better fit the local context and national development goals and aspirations. The targets and indicator should also be able to be monitored on a regular and consistent basis through a consultative process with relevant stakeholders.

Scope of work

The Project will support the Nauruan Government, through the Planning and Aid Division, to develop a new NSDS. The consultant will assist the government, principally through the Planning and Aid Division of the Ministry of Finance, to prepare the NSDS itself. The consultant will work in partnership with existing TA support to the formulation of the new NSDS i.e. ADB and Australian Government.


  • NSDS framework and development plan – In partnerships with existing TA from ADB and under the direction of PAD, support the preparation of a detailed work plan to develop the new NSDS which includes: (i) a recommended NSDS strategic framework (including outline document structure, performance frameworks, and other key structural features); (ii) a stakeholder consultation plan; and (iii) a time-bound work plan to prepare the new NSDS including inputs required by the consultant, government officials, and development partners. Produce a Framework and Development Plan for a new NSDS (max. 20 pages plus annexes).
  • Support government to prepare and launch the new NSDS – Based on the above development plan, work closely with the PAD to prepare a new draft NSDS, including helping to coordinate inputs from a range of sources and assisting government to draft content. Support and participate in the stakeholder consultation process. Help government to incorporate feedback from consultations and finalize the new NSDS. Support government to launch the new NSDS, including holding a donor roundtable.

Specific requirements of the UNDP SDG consultant will include:

  • Where appropriate, use the Global 2030 agenda and SDG framework as a guide for the formulation of the new NSDS and corresponding NSDS M&E framework and development plan;
  • Through a comprehensive consultative process with all stakeholders identify relevant SDG targets and indicators to be incorporated into the NSDS and NSDS M&E Framework;
  • If deemed required during the consultative process, tailor the relevant SDG targets and indicators to best fit the local sustainable development context;
  • Incorporate the relevant and tailored SDG targets and indicators into the NSDS, NSDS M&E framework and development plan.
  • If deemed necessary, develop additional targets and indicators to address issues specific development challenges not covered in the SDG framework;
  • Identify the data sources for the indicators and establish 2016 baselines where possible;
  • Collect available baseline data and most recent data from the identified data sources and compile into excel spreadsheet
  • Conduct SDG data availability assessment and data collection capacity assessment;
  • Provide recommendation for Government to consider on whether/how any identified priority data gaps can be filled, either through already existing collection efforts and/or through introducing new ways of collecting and managing data.

Documentation required: In responding to these terms of reference, please submit the following documentation no later than 21st July, 2017 to

Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/information to demonstrate their qualifications.

Letter of Confirmation of Interest and Availability using the template found on

  • P11 form indicating all past experience from similar projects, as well as the contact details (email and telephone number) of the Candidate and at least three (3) professional references.
  • Financial proposal, template found on

Incomplete proposals may not be considered. Failure to submit these documents may result in disqualification of the proposal.

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